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sijo art and guesthouse
And now there is the special things, in this article I serve you all guys the info about the famous and the cheapest guesthouse in harau valley, SIJO ART AND GUESTHOUSE, this house is newbie guesthouse that is not like other homestay because the concept is art and cultural,also you’ll stay with the hosting family,and the important is this is extremely cheap. Lmao ,the rate is around IRD 100.000 till IDR 300.000. so cheap huh?

Bit info about that newbie, sijo house is located in the road before harau valley, 10 minutes by riding bike, the location is so good because this house located in the middle of ricefield and about the concept art and cultural. Sijo house is a small village in harau valley and the house is so far form the modern design house, it just a traditional and simple home that is decorate with cultural and art things, something like paint and mini statue form other country.

Because of the concept, sijo art and guesthouse is different, cause any tourist that stay in this house will learn about Indonesian culture and sharing their own culture and art, not only that, the tourist can also learn how to make statue and meet artist surround harau valley.

Sijo art and guesthouse in the past is just local people house that was make by the owner joey wulffer be a cheap but comfortable guesthouse for sharing and touring, joey wulffer is a English student from harau valley that is currently spent his free time to be the tour guide in harau valley and bukittinggi, so that joey will accompany your  trip and destination as long youre stay around harau valley and bukittinggi, but he will not accompany the tourist if he has a school time, because he is a student and he now in preparing to going America for his scholarship and exchange program.
Because of the location in the middle of ricefield and so close to harau valley and the downtown but far form the crowded, make sijo house is queite and relax, also this located close by the forest make you can enjoy the sound of bird in the morning, meet local farmer and also if you lucky you can also going to harvest the field.

Next to the topic, if the tourist stay here the tourist will not worry where to go what to eat or something because the staff will make you know about the destination where to go in around harau valley, and don’t worry joey wulffer as the owner will you be  tour guide for free if you stay here more than one day.About the room, the room is a small room that has double bed, but the bathroom is like sharing bathroom that used by all of the family. The room is decorate by the art and culture thing.

In the end I’ll tell you the benefit and tne minor of this house, the benefit is this house is super cheap but comfortable, this house is a sharing house not the hotel or something that you just stay without do anything, if you stay here you will feel be in home cause you will stay in a family house. Going to harau valley without worry everything like where to go what to eat os something, this house is full of art and cultural thing so that you will learn something.and lot of other benefit if you stay, but the minuses if you stay is you will not be in private home,the bathroom is sharing bathroom,but its clean, the home is not modern design. Nice to sharing the info for u guys I just wanna say this house is fully recommended aspecialy for you world backpackers and traveling.
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