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harau valley, a valley that really famous by the canyon, ricefields, culture, and the people. Located in limapuluh kota district, west sumatera, sumatera. From minangkabau airport padang, harau valley can be reach by the taxi or bus around 4 until 5 hours. But from bukittinggi you just need to drive 1.5 hours until 2 hours.
Because of the green scenery and the beautiful landscape harau valley become a famous tourism object in sumatera. It has lot of object to visit and also to reach this place are quiet easy. Also, in some situation harau valley is crowd by international tourist, In july till final august. Because july till august is the time to harvest the fields and also have a good wheather normally. And in august is the national independent day for Indonesia so it will be lotrs of event and carnafals.
But for some reason, the tourist and the backpackers going to harau valley only to the ordinary places that already explored, just the object that have known by the map and the people. Actually harau valley is so big, there is lot of objects to visit and not explored yet. In this blog, I will tell you the place to visit in harau valley, all of them, the good one the paradise, quiet place, backpackers place and other.
1.      Akabarayun waterfall

So this place, is one of famous waterfall in harau valley, the location is in the left side of harau, because harau have two main roads. In this place there is place to swim and lot of food seller. But for some reason this place is crowd, the location is exactly in side of road, easy to find and so many people go here.

2.      Donut caves and waterfall

The name is unique similar with the condition, this place is located in the road before reach the valley, in up of the hill so, to reach this place you have to climb an old ledder, in the up this hill we can also enjoying panorama of the ricefields and harau village, similar with the name this place is a waterfall and in this waterfall has lots of caves, we can enter the caves and meet new hole. The pace is also super quiet. Not every people and tourist know about it.

3.      Aia angek waterfall

Lacated in right side of harau valley main road, you have to enter the jungle to find this place. The place is so quiet, and you will feel you own this waterfall because for some time, only you will be here. The track in the jungle we past before get this place is also good. We stepping in river and big rock also jungle.

4.      1000 caves

For the traveler who loves tracking and mount climbing this place is the best choices. Because you have to climb and track in harau hills and the deep of jungle. To go here you have to register with the tour guide, because this place will take almost one day full. But the view in the up is amazing, green valley view and 4 mountain.

5.      Kapalo banda lake
lake kapalo banda sijo art and guesthouse

The location is quiet far form harau valley, 20 minutes with bike but here is famous with the bamboo rofting, the green landscape mountain forest and other good view.

6.      3 waterfall in a row

Also lacated in right side of harau, the place is so crowded and easy to reach it. It has 3 waterfall in one mini straight path. Nice place to walking in the afternoon and also lot of food and beer seller here.

7.      Valley view

This place is in the same location in akabarayun waterfall exactly on the right side the waterfall have a ledder to reach it. The ledder is not to long, only 10 minutes stepping. In the up we cn find the out look of harau valley. With the hill and green scenery.

8.      Murai waterfall

This one is also my favorite place in harau valley. Located in the fina road of right side harau road, the place is so quiet and the waterfall are so amazing, we can also doing jungle hiking here. The shape of this waterfall also unique because it is like a ledder if we climb to the up we can meet other waterfall and if we continue it we can meet another.

9.      Manda hills

30 minutes by bike, a big rock in the uphill of a hill, stunning view with coconut land, and village view.

10.  Harau traditional market

This is a local traditional market here, unique place because its only open in Saturday, sell lot of food, fruit, art stuffs, local spices and other things.

11.  Pacu jawi events

Farmer riding cow in the ricefields and race with each other, usually held in harvesting time and to celebrated the harvest time. This events are so rare.

12.  Art and culture festival
13.  Dragon fruit land
14.  Mangateh sabana
15.  Ngalao indah
16.  Rice terrace
17.  Sky diving

And lot of other good object. Because of not every people and tourist can go to harau valley, only the creative one, the real traveler who need to explore first before enjoy it, and the tourist who can live and life in harau situation, no internet dar form the luxury thing
This blog is a place to sharing by me, I am a local tour guide and a owner of a homestay and hostel in harau valley, if you need something or need my help don’t be shy  to cantact me. I will try to help if I can and greetings to all traveler around the world.
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  7. Artikel yg bagus, mengupas sejuta pesona wisata di kab. Lima puluh kota

  8. Artikel yg bagus, mengupas sejuta pesona wisata di kab. Lima puluh kota

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